Why Pledge: Every time you donate blood, you are saving lives. Blood cannot be manufactured, and there is no substitute for it. It is in constant demand for accident victims, hemophiliacs, surgeries, infants, patients battling cancer and more. In addition, blood supplies need to be replenished constantly, as blood products have a short shelf life. With blood shortages occurring worldwide, it is important to create a network of young blood donors who commit to donating regularly. Take the pledge, and commit to saving lives.

Club 25 International is a youth-oriented global social club committed to saving lives by regularly donating blood. Through Club 25, members are encouraged to attend blood centers, learn about healthy lifestyles, and give blood regularly. Members can make new friends around the world, promote life saving and life changing practices, and most of all - have fun while saving lives.

Club 25 is Africa's gift to the world. The concept which originated as "Pledge 25" evolved into a full membership club in Botswana where it became Club 25, promoting the value of saving lives by giving blood through active participation and healthy lifestyle choices. The name "Club 25" was taken from the donors' pledge to "give 25 blood donations." The club became a huge success, and the idea caught on worldwide reaching over 65 countries and hundreds of thousands of members!


No time? A blood donation only takes about
10 minutes of your time!

Every time you donate blood,
you can save up to 3 lives!

You're not alone! Club 25 is over
65 countries with our 100,000 members!

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Can I donate blood?

You will probably meet the medical requirements to donate blood if you are:

  • In good health
  • At least 17 years old
    (In some states, 16-year-olds may donate. There is no upper age limit.)
  • Weigh at least 110 pounds
  • Meet any applicable height restriction, if any
  • If there is any doubt or question, check with your local blood center for your country's policy on who can donate.

What if I am unable to donate?

While you may be unable to donate blood, there are other ways you can help. You can help organize a blood drive, build a Club 25 chapter, recruit other suitable donors, or volunteer at fixed sites or mobile blood drives to help make donors' experience a positive one. Monetary donations are another way to help ensure that safe blood can be provided to those who are in need.

Where can I donate blood?

At a "blood center" or "donor center", which are highly regulated by the government in most countries. Find your blood center in the phone book or online. For example, search under "Your State+Country+Blood Centers" or "Your Country+National Blood Transfusion Service" or "Your Country+Red Cross" etc. Check with your blood center for your country's policies and rules.

Have more questions? Check out our expanded FAQ's: Click Here

Club 25

For more information email us at info@club25online.org.

We look forward to working with you to continue
to save lives around the world.

What if I want to do more: Join or start a Club 25!
To learn more about starting a club, visit club25online.org.

Also, check us out online!

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